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  1. How long have you been a professional DJ? Most Direct Sounds DJ's have over 10 years experience as a professional DJ

  2. What types of events do you normally DJ? Weddings, Corporate Events, Private parties, bars and clubs 

  3. Do you have any third party reviews? Yes, we are the most reviewed company in Arizona on Weddingwire

  4. Do you have business insurance? Yes, we can provide a copy to any venue upon request. 

  5. Do you take song requests? We love requests! Knowing what your favorite songs are is the best way to rock the party! 

  6. Have you played at my venue before? We've been to most venues in the state and chances are we have been to yours! 

  7. If you are suddenly unable to DJ our event do you have a back up DJ? We have a team of amazing DJ's that can cover in an emergency. We guarantee you'll always have a professional DJ to work with. 

  8. Do you offer bilingual staff? Yes we have several bilingual Spanish/ English speaking DJ's on staff!   

  9. Do you offer any other services like photo booths or photography or special effects like lighting, fog machines or cold sparks? Yes we have it all! We can help you with anything Wedding/ Event related, just ask us about what you're interested in. Bundling items together is a great way to save and budget on the extra special touches for the big day! 

  10. Do you have video and pictures on social media we can check out? Yes we are very active on social media and we love showing off our amazing events online! Click any of the social icons or Youtube at the bottom of our website to connect. 

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